Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mufti of Cambodia on the second conference

Thursday, 09 July 2009

Officials say newly appointed imams will aid economic development and strengthen the teaching of the Koran in Cambodia's Muslim communities.

THE country's leading Muslim community body has appointed more than 400 imams in an effort to strengthen the moral fabric of the Cham and Khmer Islam communities, communtiy representatives said this week.

The Highest Council for Islamic Religious Affairs in Cambodia (HCIRAC) made the appointments at a conference Tuesday and Wednesday to counteract the loss of religious dedication among Muslim youth.

"Our youth are overjoyed with materialism, and some of them have committed evils against God," Sos Kamry, the Grand Mufti of Cambodia, said Wednesday during the second annual conference, attended by 585 Muslims from across the country.

"The imams' role is to educate people about the social morality as contained in the Koran. We believe that these imams will not only improve the Cham people's and Khmer Muslims' morality, but will also cooperate with all the activities of the authorities to develop and reduce poverty in our country," Okhna Sos Kamry added.

Deputy Prime Minister H.E Men Sam An said that despite the fact that Buddhists and Muslims had different religious beliefs, they have the same obligation to defend the country and help in its development.

"We live in the same country and under a National Constitution, so we need to make an effort to develop ties of friendship in order to develop [it]," she said, calling on the newly appointed imams and Muslim community leaders to implement government policy in the rural areas.

H.E Sos Mousine, a secretary of state at the Ministry of Cults and Religions, said that HCIRAC organised the conference to disseminate the government's development strategies."

A country can be developed when the participants join together without discrimination on the basis of race, colour and class," he said. "Khmer Islam and Cham people have contributed in all sectors to the nation's development."

Cambodia is currently home to around half a million Muslims, 70 percent of whom are fishermen, farmers and craftsmen, H.E Sos Mousine said.

Terror fears
But with Cambodia's weak border controls and growing links with the Middle East, there have been fears that Cambodia's Muslim population could become a target of foreign-born Islamic radicals.

H.E Othsman Hassan, president of the Cambodian Muslim Development Foundation (CMDF), rejected the idea that Cambodian Muslims had "contributed to the al-Qaeda movement", but said the government would remain vigilant.

"We should be cautious about the issues and must report them immediately to the authorities if we know anything because [radicals] might attempt to separate us from the government," he told participants at the conference.


Ambassador-designate Carol Rodley Pays a Visit to Students at the Cambodian Islamic Center

December 15, 2008

Ambassador-designate Rodley visited the Cambodian Islamic Center (CIC) on the 15th of December in order to assess the progress of the school since its reopening in 2003. The CIC hosts roughly 700 students, many of whom are housed on campus and return to their home villages on the weekends. During her visit she met with the school’s director and Cambodia’s chief mufti H.E. Okhna Sos Kamry as well as the bulk of the teaching staff. The Ambassador-designate took the opportunity to donate over 600 mosquito nets to the school for use in their dormitories, and visited both the boys and the girls religious and secular classes. She was particularly impressed with the integrated nature of the institution, and noted that both the local Khmer teachers and the international religious faculty seemed to work closely together in order to provide the best possible education for their students.


Cham Muslim Community

Hj Kamaruddin Bin Yusof

(Ouk-nha Sos Kamry)

Mufti of Cambodia

Highest Council for Islamic Religious Affairs Cambodia

Majlis Tertinggi Pimpinan Umat Islam Kemboja

Tel: + 855 - 11 827 486

Fax: + 855 - 23 219 679


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